Lake Tarpon Tips for Catching Largemouth Bass

Lake Tarpon is rated one of the Sunshine State’s top ten bass lakes by biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this 2,534-acre urban lake near Tarpon Springs has relatively low fishing pressure and “excellent bass population and size structure”, according to the agency.

There are four factors that set this lake apart from other bass fisheries: its variety of habitats –bulrush and cattails rimming the shores; offshore humps; brush piles; and peppergrass beds–that invite the use of all sorts of artificial and natural baits; being spring-fed, it always holds water during droughts; despite its urban location, there’s very little pollution; and the fish are very tolerant of human activity.


If you’re not sure where to fish, or which baits to use when Florida lake fishing, don’t worry! These freshwater fishing tips can help you catch largemouth bass on Lake Tarpon.

1. You can try dragging a Texas-rigged soft plastic 10-inch ribbontail worm along the bottom, or slow rolling gold willowleaf spinnerbaits around drop-offs or edges of deep water. So, when rigging ribbontail worms, pair with a bullet weight up to 1 ounce depending on depth and wind conditions.

2. If you’re fishing Lake Tarpon with beginners or kids, try rigging live wild shiners or live shad underneath a popping cork for consistent action. Both live baits should produce plenty of bites from big bass.

3. If you want to plan a Lake Tarpon fishing trip during the late summer months, you’ll have to switch up your strategy. During this time of year, bass will school up offshore near structure such as humps and ledges. Try using lipless crankbaits as search tools to help you locate the schools of bass.

4. If you are trying to decide which fishing spots to start with, try shallow canals and shoreline areas near heavy vegetation first. Move to the deeper areas (8 to 10 feet) on the lake as air temperatures rise. Once you switch to deeper part of the lake, use your sonar to locate any changes in bottom composition.

5. Keep in mind that lake conditions will change due to weather. Check an updated Lake Tarpon fishing report online or stop into a local tackle shop. You’ll find that advice from local anglers can be incredibly helpful.

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