central florida fishingThere are several Central Florida fishing lakes to choose from to fish for largemouth bass. Florida hosts 30,000 lakes that span more than three million acres, offering a variety of species of fish. Naturally stocked with all types of fish from bass to black crappie to speckled perch. One of the top Central Florida fishing lakes is Lake Toho, part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Florida’s lakes rarely leave anglers disappointed. No wonder so many fishing fanatics head straight for these freshwater shores.


Kissimmee Chain of Lakes

Kissimmee Chain Of Lakes

The vast beauty is part of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Spanning over 22,000 acres, it’s also the largest lake in Osceola County and connects to East Lake Tohopekaliga. Being so close to Kissimmee and Orlando, this vast watery expanse is a big tourist draw. While most come here to enjoy boating or fishing in the clear blue water, Lake Toho’s shores present visitors with multiple bird-watching and other wildlife-spotting opportunities. Alligators and turtles are easy to spy, as are the osprey and eagles that call this lake home. Anglers brag about the lake’s excellent bass fishing throughout the entire chain of lakes. Central Florida Fishing is one of the best areas to fish in the entire country.



Butler Chain of Lakes

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This chain is made up of 11 interconnected lakes. Boat access is available only on one Orange County ramp. The chain is primarily known for its largemouth bass fishing and is frequented by guides and out of state visitors. However, Lake Tibet and Butler are occasionally fished for black crappie (speck) and it is not uncommon to catch a speck greater than 14 inches. Live shiners free lined over grass edges, humps, ledges and drop-offs is one method to consistently catch fish greater than 5 lbs. Those that prefer to use artificial lures should try the same areas with Carolina, Texas and wacky rigged plastics.

The water is very clear in the upper end of the chain so in the winter/spring spawning bass can be targeted in the submerged vegetation next to the deep water Because of the water clarity bass will easily spawn in 10 feet or even deeper. Anglers come from all over just to fish these Central Florida Fishing lakes.


Winter Haven Chain of Lakes

2060 Helena Rd Winter Haven Fl 33884The Chain of Lakes is a famous series of lakes Central Florida florida fishing. There are two chains of lakes, the northern chain and the southern chain. The northern chain extends across three cities: Winter Haven, Lake Alfred, and Lake Hamilton. It has ten lakes, connected by a series of canals. The ten lakes on the northern chain are Lake Haines, Lake Rochelle, Lake Echo, Lake Conine, Lake Fannie, Lake Smart, Lake Henry, Lake Hamilton, Middle Lake Hamilton, and Little Lake Hamilton.

The southern chain is located almost entirely within the city of Winter Haven. It has 16, sometimes 18, lakes connected by a series of canals. The principal 16 lakes on the southern chain are Lake Howard, Lake Cannon, Lake Shipp, Lake Jessie, Lake Hartridge, Lake Lulu, Lake Roy, Lake Eloise, Little Lake Eloise, Lake Winterset, Little Lake Winterset, Lake May, Lake Mirror, Lake Idylwild, Spring Lake and Lake Summit. When water levels are high, Lake Blue and Lake Marianna also connect to the southern chain.


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