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Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Tohopekaliga, which means “we will gather together here,” is located in Kissimmee, Florida. The Lake was named by Indians who lived near it. Lake Tohopekaliga, known in short as Lake Toho, covers 22,700 acres, and it’s famous for producing bass fish. Bass fishing is a popular activity in the Lake.

Lake Tohopekaliga Surrounding

Lake Toho is thirty minutes from Disney, and you can stay overnight. It has an onsite camping ground. In the Lake, you can see vegetation in and around the Lake. Bullrush, maidencane, and even hydrilla favor the production of bass fish and other fish in the Lake. The bottom part of the Lake is improved to make it suitable for bass fish, and you can find bass mostly at the shoreline. Lake Toho is known to consistently produce bass compared to other lakes. Biologists have shown that for every 10 acres of the Lake, there is one bass that weighs over 10 pounds. You will find a variety of fish in the Lake and among them is the largemouth bass.

Lake Toho Fishing Guide

Lake Toho is popular for professional fishing and fishing tournaments since the 1980s. Bass Master Magazine named it among the top 100 lakes and described the Lake as the most consistent in producing many bass fish in the country. Even with the pressure from many fishing activities and tournaments, Lake Toho continues to produce fish. You will find access to a boat ramp at Lake Toho, bait, and what you need to start fishing.

Fishing Tournaments and Records

Professional fishing and tournaments take place yearly in Lake Toho. Many records and achievements still stand to date. Some of the tournaments include Bassmasters, MFL, and even Fishing League Worldwide (FLW). The record that holds to date is five fishing of weight 45 pounds and 2 ounces by Dean Rojas in 2004. Another record includes a remarkable woman’s world record of 14 lb 5 oz that was achieved in the Lake. The heaviest single-day limit weighing 29 pounds 6 ounces is another achievement in Lake Toho caught by Luke Clausen. 

Locating Bass in Toho

You can locate bass in the Lake by locating the hydrilla. Bass is affected by the weather and the shallow waters. To locate the bass, you need to look for the hydrilla that has some lively activity around it. Hydillas grow randomly in the Lake, and you may need to put some effort into finding them. When fishing, use bait that will help you get bass. Some of the most effective ones are swimbaits, lipless crankbaits, and jerk baits.

Ideal Fishing Areas in the Lake

You can pay closer attention to scraped areas like Wheleys, Inside Brown’s point for bass fishing. Notice that as the water levels reduce, the bass move from the shallow areas, and they go to the deep waters. The water levels drop from June. If you are fishing in summer, you can try the Lanier Points or grass lines in the North of the Lake. When fishing, you need to anchor a few feet from your target area or vegetation. The prime brass fishing holes are where you are most likely to catch brass. They are North Steer Beach, Goblets core, and even Brown’s Point.


Lake Tohopekaliga is popular for bass fishing and fishing tournaments. It produces many bass fish despite the fishing pressure. If you are a professional or want to try it out, get the best Lake Toho fishing guide and you’ll soon realize it is the perfect place to catch the big bass fish. The best fishermen in the United States fish at Lake Toho and everything you need to know about bass, you will find it in Lake Toho.

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