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Captain Brent really worked hard to get us hooked up the day after a huge storm. The bass were more interested in killing the shiners than eating them, but he got us tuned in and put some nice fish in the boat. I will be sure to get hooked up with Brent and Horizon next time I’m in Orlando.


Great experience definitely recommend

Sean Nguyen

4th trip with Captain Brent. Another unbelievably beautiful day on Lake Toho. Caught several really nice bass. Already planning the 5th trip next month! Thanks, again, Brent!

Micheal Gigante

I had such a great experience fishing with captain Brent I caught lots of large mouth bass I didn’t know much about them until Captain Brent explain them to me it was very much enjoyable if I would ever like to go fishing again I’m going back to captain Brent

Julie bell

Great fresh water fishing!! I had so much fun!! I caught my personal best. We caught fish all day! It was an amazing day!!

Jeanine Provo

We meet at the docs he was already there waiting for us didn’t make us wait for him he contacted me to make sure our drive was going ok knowing we were coming from 3 hours away. He greeted is as if he had known us for years very polite and approachable. He was great with the kids allowed them to take their lunch on the boat with them, showed them around the boat explained things to my 11 year old son who has 10,001 questions for anyone he meets and he was happy to answer them with great Patients. They then headed out on the boat their trip was suppose to be from 3 to 5 they didn’t even get back till after 6 his main priority was making sure the kids fought fish not watching his clock. At the end of the trip he was more then happy to get a picture taken with my son and his fish which made my sons whole day and even after all that and he left he pulled over when we called because my husband left his red bull in the boat and we were heading on a long drive back to Canada. Afterwards we realized that we couldn’t find one of our cell phone which also was on the side of his trailer and he drove it back to the docks to us. If back down Kissimmee way we differently would contact again and do some more fishing but my husband would probably do a whole day he enjoyed himself so much.

Jessica Mills

Captain Brent is the best. Always puts us on the fish. This was my second trip, definitely looking forward to the third. Highly recommend!

Michael Gigante

Had a great trip with Captain Brent on Lake Toho. He told us when we arrived that we were going for size not numbers we got both First thing that morning my girlfriend got 8lber at the first stop we caught several more nice size fish moved to another great spot. On fish all day lost count truly a memorable trip.

Doug Gordon

Best fishing guide out there. Planned one trip with capt brent and I’ve been back once a month since. Very professional and he will put u on the fish. I highly recommend capt brent hands down the best trip you will ever have.

Jason Viera

Captain Brent was excellent got us on big bass immediately and kept us on them all day. He’s the guy you want it you’re trying to catch a record large mouth.

Chad Hietschold

Me and my husband had a fantastic time fishing with Captain Brent. I Caught a seven pound large mouth bass. We also caught several bass. Great conversation.

Jenna Provo

It was my first time fishing and had an absolute blast. Captain was very knowledgeable, fun, and a great guy. And we caught a bunch of fish that were great in size!

Austin Gutowski

Captain Brent was awesome today! He knew just how to start the morning off getting us all hooked up with some young large mouths, taught us how to set the hook!

Then game on for some big hogs…..with just a kittle patience, the right bottom, sun starting to go high…..man o man, here came the big ones…5, 7 and the monster of the day a big 10!

This guy knows lake Toho!

Great day Captain Brent, all day…..FISH ON!
We will Go out with you anytime bro!

Highly recommend Captain Brent! He knows where the fish are and what it takes to get them in the boat!

Jeff and El
New Jersey

Eleanor Gasowski

Brent got us on some big fish. Some 8’s and a 10 lber Fish of a lifetime. Would definitely recommend him if you wanna get on some pigs. He is very knowledgeable about Toho

Lisa Oeswein

I’ve fished with Captain Brent numerous times and always had a great experience. This last trip was one we will remember forever as my twelve year old son caught a 12.5 pound bass! He always puts us on fish, whether you are looking for numbers or big fish, he can find them. Great with kids and adults, definitely recommend Captain Brent for anyone looking for a great day of bass fishing!

Jacob Thompson

Brent, turned a gloomy, rainy, windy day into an enjoyable fish catching fest. No big hammers but we caught good numbers. Brent is a top notch guide, hes friendly, knowledgeable, we had great conversations all day. I definitely recommend his services.

Rodney Padden

My son and I had amazing day fishing with Captain Brent. He was very knowledgeable and down to earth guy. My son caught his largest bass yet as did I. The weather was very nice and the scenery was amazing.We experienced so much wildlife out on the water. We are planning on coming to Florida again next year and will be booking with captain Brent again.Thanks Captain Brent.


Had one of the best experiences ever. Caught loads of fish and was guided by an experienced and safe man in Captain Brent. Also he put us on the big fish helping our group to win a private tournament we were involved in. I highly recommend him and will be back to fish with him again.

Jeffrey Hughes

Captain Brent is an awesome guide!!! My gf and I both caught our new personal best giant trophy bass with Captain Brent! Well worth every penny! Not to mention the Cap is a great dude ?

Johnathan Wilson

Amazing experience! Capt’n Brent is very knowledgeable and puts you on the fish! We will definitely charter with him again! Highly recommend

Deb Null

Captain Brent was fun and very knowledgeable. We had a great time catching some BIG fish! Definitely recommend!

Vida Morgan

Was out on the closest day of the year with this guy and we were pulling in fish. Wow what a trip I dont think there could be a bad day on the water with captain Brent. Best trip ever!!!

Eric Donato

I had an AMAZING time fishing with the great captain brent, we fished for awhile and caught some AWESOME fish, I’d definitely say he is the best captain out there in Florida right now, if you wanna catch and rip the lips of the big ones then contact him!

Brandon Ferguson

We had a amazing day fishing with Captain Brent. My wife caught her personal best bass. The environment was awesome.The scenery was breathtaking. We experienced so much wildlife out on the water.Thanks Captain Brent.Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Barnard Morehouse

Captain Brent was very helpful and encouraging! He gave the girls a high five every time they caught a fish. And they caught fish! The biggest was over 10 lbs. Great trip! Would highly recommend it.

Carol Hopkins

A trip of a lifetime. Captain Brant knowledge is superb. Brent Immediately got us on some dinosaurs, Let’s just say my son and I are on the 10 pound club. Brent was extremely Kind and helpful with my 8 year old son. My son and I are already planning our next trip. I am hooked for life with captain Brent.

John Martinez

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