Lake Fishing Charter

There’s no experience quite like a fishing charter. Not too far from land yet deep enough to encounter many diverse species of fish that rarely visit the shore, a fishing trip is the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement — especially when it’s an organized lake fishing charter. Your captain will try their hardest to get you to an area where the fish are biting. Those who operate fishing charters do so in part because of their love for fishing and because they’re quite good at it, too! Their intimate knowledge of their local waters, including behavioral trends of many fish species, helps increase the odds that they’ll have some success every time they are out on the water with a group.

What to expect?

One element of a lake fishing charter that many first-timers are unfamiliar with is that the entire trip is not spent fishing. To ensure that you get the best experience possible, you’ll need to be patient. The captain and crew will boat out to specific spots where they believe you’ll have the best chance to catch fish. You may need to drop a few lines in the water and wait for the fish to bite. In some cases, the captain will boat to additional areas to maximize your opportunities. When you set the hook on a fish the you won’t be left to fend for yourself. The Captain will be standing by to help you when you need it.

Even though, the charter focuses on fishing, the experience is what you make of it. We encourage anyone who joins a lake fishing charter to enjoy the lake breeze and warm sun. The beauty of the lakes create a sense of serenity that will make you long to get back out into the water as soon as possible.

What to Bring on Fishing Charter

Before your charter, you should always inquire about which items your lake fishing charter will include with your base rate. For example, many fishing charters include all of the fishing rods, reels, and tackle supplies. Since, these are lake fishing charters you will be responsible for purchasing your own fresh water fishing license. That is available on Lake fishing charters provide fresh bottled water; customer is allowed to bring snacks. You should always carry any necessary or essential items that you would take with you on any other guided tour.

What to Bring with you?

This includes items like your wallet and medications. If possible, bring a small water-resistant bag for these items or ask the captain if there is a safe place on board where you can store them. We encourage also bringing towels. Always bring and wear sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable clothing. We suggest wearing light-colored clothing that reflects the sun, wicks moisture off of your body, and provides you with unrestricted mobility. Boat shoes are also quite helpful. Even on cooler days, the sun can be exhausting which is why we advise bringing fresh water and snacks to keep your strength up. On cooler days we suggest to wear clothing to keep warm. Winter jackets, gloves, and heavy pants are needed during cooler days. The wind on the lakes can bring in weather that is cooler than on land.

Should I Tip the Captain?

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s important that you learn about the tipping etiquette involved when renting a lake fishing charter before your excursion begins. Just as you would tip another service professional such as a tour guide, waitress or personal driver, you should provide your captain and crew with a gratuity based upon the level of their service. Most importantly, you should also realize that your captain has spent years or even decades on the water learning as much as possible about the creatures beneath. A great captain and crew will do more than take you out to sea — they’ll take you to the areas where you’ll have the best opportunity to catch as many fish as possible. Their knowledge and expertise, combined with their level of service, will make your fishing charter unforgettable. Though it is discretionary, a crew tip of 20% is customary.

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