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Tips on Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass are found all over southern North America. They’re most commonly found in reservoirs from North Carolina to Florida. Catching them in lakes, ponds, or even rivers can be much easier than you may think; especially with Horizon’s Toho fishing guide. Continue reading for tips and tricks on catching America’s favorite freshwater fish; you’ll be reeling in like a pro before you even know it!


If you want to catch a Largemouth Bass, you’ll first need to learn where they live. Bass tend to enjoy warmer, shallow waters. You’ll find them in the shallow parts of lakes and ponds where there’s a lot of vegetation for coverage and slow-moving rivers and reservoirs. One of the most important pieces of information about Bass to remember is they will generally always be found near some cover. Whether you’re fishing off the shoreline or out boating, try to locate a submerged tree, a bridge, or a dock.

Any change in depth really will help you locate these game fish. Our expert guides at Horizon, know all the best areas around Lake Toho.

Types of Bait

Once you’ve finally found the perfect covered spot to set up to fish, it’s time to take a look into the water. Look around and see what you can find, any bait, fish, or forage. For example, if you see a small fish school swimming by, that might be the best type of bait for catching Largemouth Bass in that area. Choosing a variety of bait or lure that mimics the kinds of prey found in the area is going to be your best chance at catching a Largemouth Bass. Different types of lures, such as spoons and crankbait, are built to imitate smaller baitfish such as shads and shinners. A different kind of bait that you could use to catch Bass are plastic creatures. These soft plastic types of bait are shaped as crayfish, frogs, or even lizards. These bait types are also generally weedless, making it easier for you to fish in areas with lots of vegetation. This type of bait is ideal because they mimic the different prey found in the surrounding area. While there are plenty of other artificial baits and lures, you can’t beat natural baits. They’re also the best option if you’re out fishing with kids or beginners.

How to get the Bass to bite

Once you’ve chosen your perfect bait or lure, it’s time to decide on what type of retrieval method you’d like to use. It would be best if you based this decision off of the rod and reel you’re using. When referring to technique, this means the motion and method used to reel in your catch. If you see Bass chasing any baitfish just below the surface in the surrounding area, this could mean they’re feeding aggressively. If you’re lucky enough to see this, using large bait or lures could help you reel them in at a faster pace. If you don’t see any bass swimming about, they could be waiting near the bottom, in which case a smaller bait might be a better option. Again, a Horizon Toho fishing guide will ensure that you employ all the right tricks to land a bite!

Horizon Guides You to a Good Time

The most crucial tip of bass fishing is to have fun and enjoy the adventure. The more time you spend out on the water, the more you’ll get the hang of the beloved outdoor sport. Dip your line in and experience what Horizon Charter Fishing has to offer for all your fishing desires.


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