Top 10 Outdoor Things to do in Orlando

If you plan to engage in Orlando outdoor activities, you are not tied to the theme parks. While there is no doubt that touring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the Walt Disney World is a total blast, Orlando offers many other adventurous outdoor activities. If you are short of ideas, this guide is an eye-opener. Read on to learn about the top 10 Orlando outdoor activities to do.

Lake Toho Charter Fishing in Orlando

Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or not, you will have fun going charter fishing in Orlando at Lake Toho. Experienced and reputable companies such as Horizon Fishing Charters offer you customized fishing trips where everybody – families and kids – will have maximum fun fishing!

Horizon Fishing will offer you an outstanding fishing experience at Lake Toho in Orlando. Besides catching Largemouth Bass, you will enjoy the sight of Osprey’s Bald Eagles, Alligators, and a variety of ducks’ species in your Orlando area charter trip. Book your next bass fishing charter with Horizon Fishing Charters and have a feel of what Orlando offers!

Have Fun Tubing at Rock Springs/Kelly Park

The Kelly Park and Rock Springs is a strategic natural scenery in Florida. Located near the Wekiwa Springs State Park, this beautiful wonder will wow you with its extensive 245-acre coverage. It has a waterway that flows into the Wekiwa River, and there is no exciting activity here than going tubing at the springs’ run. The park does not provide visitors with tubes so if you do not want to be left out of the fun, carry your float.

Bike Trails and Paddle at Seminole State Forest

If bike rides thrill you, then you are in for some fun at the Seminole State Forest. Found in the northeastern part of the greater Orlando, this forest has more than 8 miles of adventurous biking trails. Don’t worry about carrying your bike because there are numerous shops around that rent out shops. You can take up the adventure challenge a notch higher by including a paddling activity down the Econlockhatchee River, famous for giant alligators.

Hot-air Balloon Ride

If you haven’t experienced a hot-air balloon, you still have a chance. Orlando offers a picturesque hot air balloon experience that gives you a spectacular morning view of Orlando as the balloon meanders across Central Florida’s waterways, orchards, and forests. This experience also gives you a chance to view Epcot, Walt Disney, Disney Springs, and much more natural sceneries from above.

Go Zip Lining on the Treetops

You will never brag about having had fun while in Orlando if you do not take the treetop express zip lining tour. With two sky bridges and five zip line flights, this zip lining tour offers you an exciting adventure over the big cliff canyon.

Experience your adrenaline shoot to maximum levels as you move from the low and slow zips to the longer, higher, and faster zips that stretch over the canyon floor. That’s not all – you have another zip that moves you higher over the Gator Lake at a very high speed.

Stroll Orlando’s Arboretums and Botanical Gardens

If you are the type that loves quiet days, then Orlando’s botanical gardens and arboretums will work the magic for you. Take a stroll at the University of Central Florida Arboretum, Harry P. Leu Gardens, or the Mead Botanical Garden for a peaceful experience. You can even learn a few things about the area’s flora since you will find bright blooms and lush trees everywhere you turn.

Have Fun while Exercising at Orlando’s Tree Trek Adventure

If you are looking for an adventurous activity that combines fun and exercise, you should try Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. This exciting yet thrilling treetop course offers you the platform to try 97 aerial challenges. Here, you will climb up nets and ladders, balance over swinging logs, and soar on extensive zip lines through trees. Tag your entire family along for unmatched!

Kayaking at the Silver Springs State Park

Silver Springs State Park is the world’s most massive artesian formation that will genuinely offer you a magical kayaking experience. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery that comprises water birds, alligators, wild Rhesus Macaque Monkeys, and manatees.

Go Hiking at Disney Wilderness Preserve

Disney Wilderness Preserve offers you a perfect platform for birding and hiking. You will be treated to all-loop trails with the option to choose from the available hiking trails. The preserve offers you the best of tranquility to relax your mind and body while enjoying a peaceful atmosphere!

Enjoy Nature at Seminole State Forest

If you are an enthusiast of nature, you will find the Seminole State Forest a great place to tour while in Orlando. The forest hosts an impressive and extensive ecological diversity that features 18 different natural communities, each with unique characteristics. You will enjoy seeing several but rate species in the region, such as the eastern indigo snake and Florida black bear.

There you have it – a detailed guide on some of the most exciting and fun Orlando outdoor activities. While it might be impossible to try all of them, this list gives you options you can consider depending on your tastes and preferences. Ensure to choose a reliable tour guide company to improve your experience!


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