Closer Insights on Tampa Bay Fishing at Lake Tarpon

If you are a fishing enthusiast visiting or living in Florida, one of the destinations you are guaranteed an exceptional freshwater fishing experience is booking with Tampa fishing charters on Lake Tarpon near the Tampa Bay area. Covering more than two thousand five hundred acres, Lake Tarpon is located on the shores of Tarpon Springs, ten miles in the Westside of Tampa. Explore the several thousand acres of Lake Tarpon when you charter a boat for fishing.

Charter a Boat and Enjoy Breathtaking Experiences 

As the name suggests, many people believe that the lake is a source of Tarpon, but nobody has ever caught one for years. The most common lake species is the largemouth bass, which usually weighs more than ten pounds. The other common types you’ll encounter is the redear and bluegill. To successfully catch the largemouth bass, you can either use the drop-shot method or big plastic lures. Just ask the captain of your fishing charter for the best lures to use when navigating the waters.

First-timers need to note that the lake has rules and regulations that have been subject to change for years. However, the one rule that has remained effective for a long time is using one lunker over twenty-two inches and a five-fish limit. If you are not the type who is into fishing, you can take part in kayaking, canoeing, and sailing offered by a local sailing club in the Tampa Bay area. 

The Bass Spawning Season

The spawning season for bass in the lake happens from December to April, with the peaks in February and March. Suppose you are fishing during this time of the year; you could utilize tampa fishing charters or you should fish closer to the shoreline, with the southern and northern points providing the optimal fishing. One specific point that will get you the best catch is the South Cove close to John Chestnut Sr. Park.

The lake’s western shoreline, especially at Anderson Park and Dolly Bay, features alcoves, making them the perfect place for bass to gather. 

Key Lake Tarpon Tips for Catching Largemouth Bass

Whether you are a veteran or novice of bass fishing, Lake Tarpon offers is a perfect place to go about your fishing expedition. You can fish along the shoreline or charter a captain and a boat for a fun-filled day of fishing. For an easy catch, you should consider hooking your bass with lipless crankbaits, trick worms, and Texas-rigged speed worms. Here are a few important fishing tips that will come in handy to get the most out of your fishing experience. 

  • To get optimum catch around the edges of deep water, ensure that you consider using willow-leaf spinnerbaits. If you are rigging the ribbon tail worms, consider pairing it with at least an ounce of bullet weight depending on the wind condition and fishing depth.
  • If you have brought along your kids to learn about fishing, it would be best to try live shad under a popping cork or live wild shiner for more consistent action. These live baits are perfect for anyone looking to get more catch from big bass.
  • Whenever you take up a trip to the Tampa Bay area, you have to visit Lake Tarpon during the late summer months, you’ll need to switch your fishing strategy because largemouth bass will school up offshore near structures like ledges and humps. The most effective way to catch bass during such a season is by using lipless crankbaits as your search tool.

Reeling It In

If you’re planning to go fishing at Lake Tarpon, you should know that’s it’s one of the less volatile lakes when it comes to changing lake conditions. While the lake experiences occasional storms, it hardly upset the ecological balance. It is also important to remember that lake Tarpon is still a neighborhood recreational lake. So, you will get to enjoy popular sports such as jet skiing and boating aside from premier fishing.

There are plenty of lakes within Florida where you can undertake bass fishing, but there are very few that can offer you an experience for Tampa fishing charters better than Lake Tarpon in the Tampa Bay area.

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