Lake Fishing on the Kissimmee Chain


The Kissimmee area is well known for the major theme parks, Disney World, Universal Studio’s, and SeaWorld. However, if you an outdoor enthusiast Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is one of the best places to visit. As the beginning of the entire Everglades system the lake fishing on the Kissimmee Chain offers some of the best bass fishing in the entire country.


There are plenty of other fish you can go after if you’re visiting Kissimmee, but the largemouth bass is one of the most impressive. Bass are always most likely to be found in dense vegetation. In the lakes of the Kissimmee Chain, you’ll find expansive stretches of knotgrass, and bulrush – all of these will help you haul in monster catches of trophy bass. The Florida largemouth bass prefers places that have plenty of aquatic vegetation, where it can find lots of cover and food.

Lake Kissimmee 

If you plan on fishing the Kissimmee Chain you might want to plan several days to do so. Florida bass are great, as they grow to trophy size more frequently than northern largemouth due to the warm water temperatures. They can live in both fresh and brackish water this includes all canals and Kissimmee Lakes. These fish can survive in water temperatures between 50 and 95 degrees and as deep as 20 feet.

Lake Kissimmee is the best lake out of all of these if you plan on bass fishing. It is situated between Lake Wales and Yeehaw Junction, smack dab in the middle of Florida. The lake has more than 24 miles of shoreline. So there are increased numbers or largemouth bass living in all of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. There have been many bass that are 10 pounds or more in size. This is a result of spawning in the late 1990s. You will find your trophy bass in these lakes.

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