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Why You Should Consider Bass Fishing in Florida

Anglers from all over the world visit Florida every year, and it’s not just for the view. With over 7,700 big sized lakes, Florida has become a hot spot for anglers and enthusiasts to appreciate the allure of bass fishing. Although only a few of the lakes are open to fishing, several human-made impoundments serve the same purpose.

Trophy fishes — heavier than 10 pounds — are commonly caught in Florida waters. If you’re an avid angler, then you understand how alluring that sounds. The Florida bass is the state’s prize fish as the largemouth species can grow to enormous sizes.

Bass Facts

If you’re planning on going bass fishing here in Florida, then there are some things you should know about the species.

  1.  They are known as “tackle busters” as they will strike at about anything they find. It could be frogs or minnows or some dazzling lure. They can be lured with a wide range of worms, Chatterbaits, flukes, and Jerkbaits.
  2. Unless it’s early in the year (January-February) when they’re spawning, the Florida bass tends to swim deeper from shores of lakes and ponds. February through April is the best time for bass fishing in Central Florida. Their peak comes a little earlier in the South but hits in summer in the North.
  3. You’ll find them in water bodies with good, clean, and soft vegetation like eelgrass and covers like hydrilla or shell beds
  4. Their females tend to reach trophy size more as they usually live longer than the males. These female trophy-sized basses are typically thrown back in by conservation-minded anglers due to their potential spawn size.

Bass-Fishing Advice

Now to the nitty-gritty of bass fishing. There are several ways and methods to go about angling bass in Florida, and they are all worthy of emulation. Nonetheless, they all have vital tips that you can take away and start bass fishing here in Florida. Here are some that are considered golden rules.

  • Use the correct types of equipment. Bass fishing can either be a hassle or a fun activity, and a lot of that depends on the kind of fishing tools you use. Always opt for a long, heavy action rod, especially if you’re anticipating handling a trophy-size bass.
  • Bass fishing is effectively done in the inward parts of the water bodies. You can read the depth of water bodies with map apps that show the bottom contours on an electronic chart. However, be prepared to pull out the big guns as you may encounter some bass up to 10 pounds plus in the deeper, colder areas of water close to vegetation.
  • Location is essential when you’re bass fishing. Several lakes are famous for housing a number of the largest fishes seen in Florida waters. Lake Tarpon, Lake Toho, and the Everglades Water Conservation Areas are the premier hot spots for bass fishing. You’ll find many others in Florida that you can explore and, who knows, catch something big.
  • Come prepared. It’s not unusual to catch up to 50 fishes in a day here!


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