The Differences in Crankbaits

Crankbaits are a type of fishing lure typically designed to mimic the appearance and movements of small baitfish. The defining feature is the ability to dive through the water at different depths. This is made possible by the plastic “lip”; the size and shape of this lip along with the overall length and weight determines the depth the crankbait dives. There are also lipless crankbaits ideal for use in shallow water. Since crankbaits are typically reeled in fast, they are ideal to cover a lot of water in a short time.


This bait has a popular square bill which typically dives from 1-5 feet. They typically has a bill size up to 0.5″, or no lip at all. They are ideal for use in shallow weed cover. Late fall and early spring when the bass roam the shallow waters are the perfect time to use this bait. Lipless crankbaits have connect to your fishing line or leader from the top of the lure, rather than the traditional front or nose of the lure.


On medium divers the lip is a little bigger, give the bait more resistance in the water. The line also attaches directly to the lip on these crankbaits. This combination of traits make them dive deeper usually dive to between 5 to 9 feet or even deeper. This bait can reach depths of up to 30 feet. These should be used during the summer months when the bass retreat to deeper water.


A deep diving crankbait typically has a bill of 1″ or larger, depending on the overall size of the lure. This bait will have the longest bills so, they have the ability to reach depths of up to 30 feet. These baits are ideal for boat or kayak fishing, as it will allow you to target deeper water. Deeper water typically hold larger bass or other predatory fish.

When it comes to choosing the best fishing line for use with a crankbait, you’ll want to go with monofilament or fluorocarbon — mono is great for shallow-diving crankbaits while the sinking properties of fluorocarbon make it ideal for deeper dives.

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