Topwater Baits for Largemouth Bass Fishing in Florida

Florida is the best place in the world to go fishing. Not only does it have freshwater lakes and canals, but it homes some of the most-hunted species like Largemouth Bass. There’s no other experience like Lake Toho Bass Charters with Horizon to emphasize how great Florida is a place for trophy largemouth bass fishing.

The Largemouth bass is a favorite sports fish for most anglers, and Florida is no place to put down the hook. You might have other preferences, but nothing compares to the pleasure of luring a largemouth bass to its bait. The vigor in its fight and the ferocity in its eyes make the hunt exhilarating.

However, choosing lures and baits for largemouth bass is where the fun or the dread lies. While other baits work, topwater lures are more fun because you see the nabbing action taking place— from the fish rising on top of the water for its prey to how the fish struggles to free itself after being hooked.

Here are topwater baits for largemouth bass that you can try the next time you go bass fishing:

Topwater Frogs

Frogs make a perfect lure atop the water. If you love to watch the effectiveness of a laid bait in action, these frogs are for you. The largemouth bass can sight the topwater frogs from far— and the urge to nip the prey grows with every inch it moves towards the bait. Largemouth, a ferocious predator, doesn’t think twice about a hapless frog. It falls for the lure all the time.

Popper Baits

Poppers are among the oldest baits in bass fishing. They still work today— even in Florida, where many anglers swear by their effectiveness. The baits come in different shapes and designs, but all have a colorful allure. They pop because the head of the bait is bowl-shaped— enhancing buoyancy and visibility.

The attractive colors attract the largemouth bass, while the life-like wriggling gives it an illusion of prey that is trying to escape. The agitation of catching up with an escaping meal is what makes catching the bass a thrill. Popper baits also are perfectly balanced and don’t get tossed by waves in a manner that may make them seem a fake.


Buzzbaits are some of the oldest baits ever used in bass fishing. They have remained useful to date— still dominantly used in Florida and other parts of the world. The baits are dressed in shreds of rubber that shake when the waves move, sending live prey signals.

The baits stay atop the water, thanks to the propeller attached to it that anchors it in place. The buzz baits make sounds that lure largemouth bass from far away. Next time you’re in the mood to try topwater lures, try buzz baits.

Minnow Baits

Minnow baits work well for topwater fishing in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. Minnows, even in their natural state, are great meals for bass. Therefore, when you use a brightly colored minnow bait, it will be visible from far, inviting the largemouth bass to close in on it.

Minnow baits wiggle on the water surface, causing ripples on top of the water. When a hungry largemouth bass receives the sounds, it knows the prey is in distress and moves quickly to make the kill.

However, like all topwater lures, minnow baits are most effective when the sunlight isn’t intense. Mornings and evenings make a perfect time to use topwater baits for bass.

Minnow baits rarely fail to catch an angry bass. The bass spots the minnow and while rising in the air to catch it, only adds pressure onto the hooks as they try to sink in with the prey.

Grab Your Tacklebox

In summary, topwater baits are very effective when well rigged. They are visible from afar, their motions stimulate the bass’ instincts, and are commonly the preferred lure to wrangling largemouth bass. At Horizon Fishing Charters, located at Lake Toho and Tarpon, all the supplies and materials are available at your disposal as you hunt the waters for your next big catch. Lake Toho Bass Charters as offered by Horizon is a wonderful experience to hone your craft or to try new techniques and approaches out on the water.


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