Top 5 things to know about Large-mouth Bass

Black bass otherwise known as large mouth bass are members of the sun fish family. First described in 1822 and became a recognized species in 2002. Still technically considered a subspecies of large-mouth bass by the American Fisheries Society. All large-mouth bass are known as strong fighters. Large mouth bass are highly sought after by anglers for years. Anglers chase the excitement of the fight that the bass vigorously resists being hauled into the boat.

What bass feed on?

Large-mouth bass are found in lake, streams, rivers, and ponds. So, bass begin their lives and a male. As they mature they become female. The juvenile fish feed on smaller bait fish, shrimp, and insects. The adult fish will feed on bigger prey as shad, water birds, and alligator hatching. They mainly feed in the morning and late afternoon. Those are the best times to fish.

How bass spawning? 

Spawning happens in the spring season when the water temp first holds steady at 60 degrees. In the southern states like Florida this occurs in March but ends in June. The males create the nest by moving debris from the bottom of the water. The nests are usually twice the length of the male because the female is much larger than the male.

How to locate large-mouth bass?

The best way to fish for the adult large-mouth bass is to find schools of shad and shiners. They are typically located under structures. The less structure in open water the better the bass are able to see their pray. Largest black bass AKA large-mouth bass was caught in Georgia in June 1932 on Montgomery Lake by George Perry weighing 22.4 pounds. Book your charter with Horizon Fishing for your chance to catch your trophy fish.


The large-mouth bass has been introduces into many other regions because of its popularity as a sport fish. These fishing tournaments have every level of competitions. So, they start from elementary school up til a senior program. Bass-masters is one of the most popular clubs to competitively fish in. They represent mostly southern anglers in the pro-circuit. They fish for large amounts of prize money.

Trophy bass

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