Different styles of Bass Fishing Boats


Bass boats are not the only type of fishing platform that is usable for bass fishing. Pontoons are extremely stable. That not only enhances the comfort, but also means they’re great for fishing for the whole family. Although many pontoon boats don’t come with fishing accouterments, they can be added with little effort. When you get right down to brass tacks, using a pontoon boat for a fishing boat makes plenty of sense for people. For who are fishing in relatively protected waters like lakes, coastal bays, and slow-moving rivers that are sheltered from the wind. That’s especially true if you often have kids on the boat. If you like hauling a big crowd out for a day of fishing.

Pontoon Fishing

So, serious fishing boats need to have a few specific items that don’t appear on other types of pleasure-boats. Luckily, most can be found on fishing versions of pontoons. Livewells are a biggie, and can be found on plenty of pontoon boats. They have fish-friendly floor plans with ample direct to rail access, bow fishing chairs, and integrated tackle storage. They also have options for aerated live well, rod locker storage and available fish station. At least four, five, or even six anglers can enjoy fishing without getting in each other’s way, there’s gobs of seating, and plenty of deck space. Pontoons are extremely stable. That not only enhances comfort, but also means they’re great for fishing with kids.

Bass Boats

Bass fishing boats are ones that have been specifically designed for bass fishing. In general, these boats can vary in size from about 16 feet to 25 feet. The cheapest bass boats in the smaller size range. These bass boats are an ideal choice for fishermen who want the comfort and convenience of a boat. They are specifically designed for a day of fishing on the water. These boats are complete with coolers, livewells and comfortable swivel chairs, bass boats are made for fishing. They are known for having a flat bottom with a very shallow draft. These boats are what makes fishing fun.

Bass Boat Fishing

The flat bottom and shallow draft of a bass boat make it easy to handle and ideal for long days on the water. There is less disturbance to the fish and these boats offer a smoother ride because they glide across the water rather than cutting through it like some powerboats and other boats with deep V-shaped hulls. One must remember that these are not all-purpose fishing boats. These design traits that make them so effective for bass angling, like the low profile, maximized casting decks, and minimized seating. This means that they won’t be the most useful boats for other activities. They are great for a full day of fishing.

Lake Toho

Central Florida’s gem is Lake Toho located in Kissimmee. There is great fishing out of either one of these style boats you are guaranteed to have a fun day on the water. Horizon Fishing has both pontoon and bass boat available for private chartering. In a most recent fishing report Lake Toho bass fishing guide Captain Brent Kirkendall states, “Big fish are on the prowl in Lake Toho this week.  We have caught fish up to 12lbs. so, the fish are moving up on beds and in pre spawn mode live golden shinners under a cork are hard to beat with our clients. They have been catching 20 or more fish most of our customers are catching the biggest fish of there life. If your in the Orlando or Kissimmee area if you fish Toho it will be a trip of a lifetime.”

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